MacJustice: Operation Streamline

Lyrics by: Lee
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

MacJustice:  Operation Streamline  (tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game)
By Lee for Tucson Raging Grannies 052018

 Oper-aa-tion Strea-eam-line

has no place in our courts

It treats everyone, even refugees

like assembly line burgers with cheese

N’ speaking of this Mac-Ju-us-tice

it’s a shame on us all!

Join us now to demand that this stop

so we  once…. more stand tall!

 One in five corp’rate CEOs

has traits of a so-ci-o-path!

To cal-cu-late all the lives lost to their crimes

would re-quire using ver-y high math!

Facts show that very fewperps

are immigrants, and this shows

if we real-ly want to be tough on crime

then we should deport  CEOs!

No more Mac-Jus-tice Strea-eam-line

It’s a to-o-tal sham

It is us-ing as-semb-ly lines

to send people back where their fa-ate is damned!

Aut-o-mat-ic im-pri-son-ment

with-out a pro-o-per trial

is not only un-just

it’s in-humane too!


The facts show u-us that people born

here in the land of the free

are the most like-ly to com-mit crimes

n’ with that know-ledge then we-e can see

if we want to low-er the cri-i-me rate

then take us all into court

so Mac-Jus-tice  judg-es can point to us ALL and

            DEPORT! DEPORT! DEPORT! (point at 3 different persons)