Marching Time

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Crying Time Again

(Brackets indicate where you can make this song local with your own street and town names)
Well, it’s marching time again
And still we need it
You can read about us women
In the press
How trouble on the night streets
Keeps on happening
and because of this once more
It’s marching time.
2) Well a woman up on [Brock Street]
was assaulted.
And on [Montreal] a man
attacked a friend
Every time you walk in [Kingston]
in the evening
You can’t tell how your night
Is going to end.
3) Will there ever come a day
when we can venture
Outside our doors
No matter what the time?
When a woman’s just as safe
As men are always?
All we know is,
Until then, it’s marching time.