Merci, NO COUP

Lyrics by: Candice Davies, with Vicki Ryder and Jade Dell
Gaggle: NC
Tune: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Date Written or Updated: 4/15/2021

1) The Q– Anon and fascists have been busy little bees
As they work hard to stage a coup against democracy
Don’t want your vote if you are brown or black or mixed, you see
Or poor or immigrant or gay, that’s their “democracy”

2) Damn little idiots, smelly as skunks
Don’t care for other folks, nothing but punks
Got little Grinchy hearts, tiny and gray
Not gonna let ‘em win, NO FREAKING WAY

1) Four hundred bills they’ve crafted in their dirty little coup
Making sure that voting is as hard as hell for you
Long lines and cutting absentees are just the start , it’s true
Bring food or water to your friends makes a criminal of you

2) Weak whiny idiots, hard-hearted slime
Devious thugs who should pay for their crimes
They thought they’d beat us but no frickin’ way
It’s OUR Democracy, We’re here to stay!

1) Their plan is clear, they just want power, they don’t care the expense
Fake arguments and tricky lies are their only defense
Keep voters white and privileged, lock the rest out with a fence
They think we’ll take it? Man-oh-man are those guys ever dense!

2) Vote out the idiots, pitch them aside
Love can trump hate if our embrace is wide
Every vote matters, hear us as we say
It’s OUR Democracy, We’re here to stay!

1) We’ll march and sing and mobilize we’ll rant and rage and shout
Let’s crush the coup and pitch those racists out upon their snout
The power of the people’s what America’s about
So call your Rep, write letters, make a plan and let’s move out!