Move Your Money

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: North Carolina
Tune: Roll Out the Barrel

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Move all your money
Out of the big banks today!
Vote with your money
’Cause that’s the American way.
We’ll show the bankers
That we don’t need them anymore.
We’re goin’ to our local credit union
Where our money will earn more!

Bank of America,
Chase Bank and CitiGroup, too,
Take millions in profits
And don’t give a fig about you.
They don’t pay taxes,
Not even one single red cent,
But they have no problem takin’ bailouts
From the ninety-nine percent!

Say “no” to the bankers
Who suffer from terminal greed.
Move all your money
And let’s help the poor folks in need.
The big banks have failed us
Though they say they’re too big to fail.
It’s time now to move all our money
And put the bankers all in jail.