No Bloody Big Casino

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Yellow Rose Of Texas

Around their necks, they wear it like a millstoneA bloody big casino that eats tourist bucks all day
Other businesses that once were thriving
Have had to shut their doors and move out
Far far away
Move away? Oh Yes!
Far away? Uh Huh!
Casinos ate their business, they moved far, far away
2) What kind of business goes best with casinos?
There’s pawnshops and there’s loansharks and the bbaliff’s on his way
and if you asked why our city allowed it?
They say they wish they hadn’t, wish it far, far away
Far away? Oh Yes!
Move away? How soon?
The bloody big casino should move far, far, away!
3) Perhaps you know, we speak for our grandchildren
For whom we wish bright futures at a decent rate of pay
Are we to see them working in casinos?
With gambling and no windows so they see the light of day?
What’s that say?
Bets all day?
Crime and greed and gambling oh we think it’s not okay!