No Budget Cuts for Home Health Care

Lyrics by: Action League
Gaggle: San Francisco Bay Area
Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Disabled folks need some assistance,humanity comes at a price
Now Arnie would cut that assistance,
Does he have a heart made of ice?

Don’t cut, don’t cut!
Don’t cut the budget we need, we need!
Don’t take, don’t take!
Don’t take home health care away!

We a-all are differently abled,
the safety net could be for you
So Arnie, please think before cutting,
some day you could need some help too!


We Aa-ll are in this together,
who knows what the future will bring?
We know that we must stand together,
so join with the Grannies and sing!


Note: Arnie refers to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was California governor when we sang this in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco in ’09.