Nuclear Waste Up North

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Flow Gently Sweet Afton

Our north country’s known as a land true & freeStill wild in some places, where creatures we see
And there we find dying, the small baby loon
And birds in our treetops, have quit singing tunes
Our government’s letting the poisons leak in
And even recruting for more to begin
To dump in our wild lands more poisons that may
Never no never be taken away

2) I love this dear country where I have been free
To speak when I’m troubled, to raise family
But now I’m concerned about nuclear waste
And government dumping it, ‘up here some place.’
Can my country be such a waste dumping ground?
For all the world’s poisons where ever they’re found?
Can we not all tell them, they cannot, today,
Never no never, treat our home this way?