O The Malls – They Appall (Don’t help the corporations)

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Silver Bells

City Sidewalks, Busy SidewalksBeen replaced by the mall
Where the parking’s just awful and ba-ad
Fights will break out
Cops are called out
O the mall is the place
Where corporations all strut their stuff!
O their malls
They appall
Nothing about them says Christmas
Only ding-a-lings bring
Themselves to shop there today

2) If you must shop
Then you should shop
Craft shows, church bazares
Where the sellers made all of the presents
Or some online third world giftings
Like a goat or a well
That’s the sprit of giving – that’s SWELL!
But the mall
It appalls
Do not take part in its furor
Ding-a-lings buy their things
But Christmas day doesn’t mean THAT!