Occupy the World

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman and Corinne Willinger
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Jingle Bells

Occupy Wall Street, Is what our country needs
To feed the poor and end the wars,

With the most urgent speed.

Bloomberg threw us out,

But let there be no doubt

Zuccotti Park was just the jolt,

To start this world revolt!


College costs, student loans, no jobs anywhere.

People’s Mike to one percent:

“You know it isn’t fair!”

Twinkle fingers say it’s time,

all our wealth to share

Let’s spend it on

education, housing, and healthcare.

Ninety-nine percent,

It’s almost everyone.

Let’s work together and we’ll see

How much we can get done

Fair economy,

Peace upon the earth

Clean up our environment,

Cause we know what it’s worth!


Occupy, occupy, occupy your mind.

We need everyone’s ideas,

so see what you can find.

Occupy, occupy, occupy the world,

To make a better future, for every boy and girl!