Oh Ancient Land Of Palestine

Lyrics by: Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico Raging Grannies
Tune: O Little Town of Bethlehem
Date Written or Updated: 03/27/2023

Oh ancient land of Palestine, the tanks are rolling by
The children run as soldiers guns alarm them and make them cry
And in the dark streets shineth the merciless searchlights
The hopes and fears of all the years are smoldering tonight

How noisily, how noisily, the shells fall down like rain
So fear imparts to human hearts despair and crushing pain
For Palestine’s imprisoned behind apartheid walls
While here we sleep, our taxes keep big guns aimed at those walls

With Palestine’s resistance and, Israelis who choose dissent,
we take a stand, and we demand: oppression has got to end!
All people are entitled to basic human rights
And not just some, but everyone!  With Palestine, we unite!