Old And Eccentric

Lyrics by: Anita Macfarlane
Gaggle: Barrie
Tune: Ten Little Indians

Grampa forgets where he puts his spectacles,He puts his teeth in the wrong receptacles,
His table manners are not quite acceptable
But we say that’s okay.

Granny goes to town in petticoat and slippers,
She wanders around in diving flippers,
She chases the squirrels with fingernail clippers,
But we say that’s okay.

Uncle’s always in a distracted muddle,
He drops his hearing aid in mud and puddle,
He likes to give telephone poles a cuddle,
But we say that’s okay.

Aunty sits dreaming for hours together,
She swims in the lake no matter the weather,
She’ll drive you nuts with her constant blether,
But we say that’s okay,
Hey –
We’ll be just like them one day.