Our Favorite Things – Davis Gaggle Version

Lyrics by: Granny Carol (modified from original version by Nora Freeman, NYC Metro)
Gaggle: Davis, California
Tune: My Favorite Things
Date Written or Updated: 2017

Clean air, clean wa-ter, a livable planet
Healthcare for all and a lot of mass transit
Enough food for everyone, that’s what we sing
These are a few of our favorite things ˅ (stay down)

Union protection for ev-e-ry worker
Good public schools, and safe infrastructure
Funding for artists and scientists, too
These are a few of our favorite things ˄ (go up)

When the Prez tweets, something looney,
we know what we’ll say
We stand by our neighbors no matter their race,
Their lifestyle or how they pray

Pence is a night-mare and Trump…he’s just crazy
Mouthpieces Hucka-bee and Con-way are lazy
Alternate facts and fake news fill their day
Can’t we just somehow make them go away? ˅ (stay down)

We have a challenge like none e’er before us
Saving our grandchildren’s future and more thus
We will resist and persist till the end
Singing to reclaim the country again ˄ (go up)