Our Groundwater is so clear

Lyrics by: Marge Forth
Gaggle: Rochester
Tune: Freight Train
Date Written or Updated: 11/16/2011

OUR groundwater IS so clear.
WE thought we would NE-ver fear.
When HYdro-frackers start to blast,
Our clean WA-ter will not last.

YOU’LL have TOX-ins in your well
And it mi-ght even smell.
THEN you MUST buy bottled water
FOR your so-n and your daughter.

The ROADS will be a grand mess too
THAT will really frustrate you
With MUD and water everywhere
Driving ON them will be a scare.

They’ll USE your taxes for repair
So WE had all best be aware.
When HYdro-frackers start to drill
All they DO is line their till.

You should NE-ver sign a lease,
DRILL-ing has turned into a beast.
LET them TALK ‘til their FACE is blue,
But DON’T let them fool you!