Pandemic Parody

Lyrics by: Lee
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Date Written or Updated: 04/28/20

I’m tired of hav-ing to stay home.
I just wanna be free to roam.
E-ev-‘ry time I turn on the tube
I see an orange id-i-ot and his Mike prude!…

I need a time machine just be-cause
I want to go back a-gain…
to when I thought that pan-de-em-ic was…
the name of a fast food chain! …

We used to wear masks to get a treat,
not for vi-ral de-feat.
Those of us who this vi-rus won’t kill…
will drop dead… …from our Am-azon bill! .

And what’s the toi-oi-let pa-per thing?
Is it some ver-sion of “bling”?
Or is there a nash’nal con-spir-ir-a-cy? …
Is it our new cur-ren-cy? …

There’s fine’ly a list that the U.S. troops
for DEATHS that we could have stopped!
When it comes down to our peo-ple’s health…
we stop at no-thing… (pause) to save Wall Street’s wealth! …

Corporatism’s the prob-lem
And we can no longer stall!
STOP… WOR-shipping PRO-fits and GREED
We NEED what’s BEST for ALL!