Peace Songs

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Life Is Like A Mt Railway

1) How is itwe can remember
History’s villians,
every one?
While the names of
those who sought peace
Come so seldom
to the tongue?
Lester Pearson,
Jimmy Carter,
Martin Luther King,
And forgotten
Names of women,
Who deserve
To hear us sing.
Give us peace songs!
Give us our songs!
Let us tell
The reason why
War can
NEVER be the answer,
Here it in
A child’s cry!

2) Why have reason,
When it’s violence
To which we turn,
When trouble comes?
Why have speech,
When our reaction,
To a conflict
Is a gun?
Healing peace
Comes round in circles
Not in pyramids of war
Peace, a
Never ending prospect
Worth our whole lives
Working for.
Let us number up our peaces,
As they’ve counted
Up our wars
With a gentle,
Sweet persuasion
Heal our spirits
Let them soar.

4) Swords
To pruning hooks
we’ll make them
Trim up trees that
once were young
Planted in the hope
They’d grow tall
Shield us from
the noonday sun.
Like our dreams,
they’ll grow together
Till a time
that such as they
Will inhabit
a new landscape
One where war
Has gone away.
What is war?
Someday, that subject
Will be something
Quite unknown.
When our world
Has learned to listen.
Peace has come,
And stands alone!