Peaceable Weapon #3

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Wunderbar

(Peaceable weapon’s numbers one and two of course are our songs and our aged appearance.Ostomy! Ostomy!
Any gran might have a bag
Handle all the Grans with care
We could sure stink up your works
Ostomy! Ostomy!
Non-violent protesters
Grant us all our human rights
Avoiding a big stink
Some of us wear bags
Wear them proudly
But you can’t tell
Which we are
If your uniforms should smell nice
Do not press us
Or distress us
Ostomy! Ostomy!
Avoid a rough arrest
Give each gran her human rights
And you’ll never face the stink!

Bags can easily be cut out of ziplock bags, stuffed with old pantyhose. A real threat. Mockups can be twirled menacingly like gang members with chains. Great for storm trooper tactics. This song can be sung in all seriousness when things are getting tense on the front lines, as they did in Quebec City.