Petition For Our Needs

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: LIttle Brown Church In The Wildwood (Chorus)

(This is a petition, a prayer and quite powerful, sung – also versatile)
Oh, room room, room, room,
Room, room, room for the homeless
Oh, raises, raises, for the poor
Help us recognize injustice in the coun-try
Let us stand for peace evermore.
2) Oh, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs,
Jobs, jobs, jobs for the seekers
O equal, equal, health care for us all
May the conscience of the richest
Now be smitten
May the blindness of our leaders start to fall!
3) O food, food, food, food,
Food, food, food, for the hungry
O action, action, action,
On these woes
A clean, clean planet for our children
What we reap is surely what we sow!