Politicans and Raging Grannies

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Meet Me In St Louis

Politics and Raging GranniesSymbiotically
Go together, quite non-partisan
Like those little birds on hippos
Looking for the fleas
If we elect ’em
We’ll inspect ’em
Very publically!
2) Politicans – Raging Grannies
What a useful fit
When they stray from what they promise
We see every bit
Then we put these flaws to music
(Though it often makes our hearts sick)
We called it right on [Stockwell Day]
We know what makes [him] tick!
3) If you wanna run for office
(even some grannies do)
Then be prepared to keep your promises
Watch just what you do
Make a difference to our country
Sacrificing wealth and bounty
And check back often with the folks
Who have elected you.