Privatize (Education)

Lyrics by: Lee Stanfield
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Baby Face
Date Written or Updated: 4/2/2018

Privatize (Tune of Baby Face)
Originally by Barbra BartonMadison RGs. Rewrite by Lee StanfieldTucson RGs 040218

 starting note: D above middle C


The Koch Bro-thers now want to corp‘-ra-tize

our u-ni-ver-si-ties to spread their lies.

So we must rise!

We can’t let them win this!

If they do then we can just kiss


good-bye to

all ves-ti-ges of true de-mo-cra-cy.

What’s left will be a huge plu-to-cra-cy

wed-ded to

the U S mi-li-ta-ry

We must stop this. It’s too sca-ry!



That’s what we have to do to save our lives

The things that we hold dear will all be gone.

It won’t take long!

From now on we won’t stop.

Keep Con-gressh-nal phone lines red hot.


Call them all!

Make sure they get the message loud and clear.

Our pub-lic ed-u-cation we hold  dear!

And we vote!

We’ll kick out pol-i-ti-cians                                                            plan.

if they don’t back our positions!                                                      ly


(Rousing ending)    Call each day                                   dirty

Vow right now to disrupt their

Calls from each woman and man

across the entire land

will stop this privatizing sca-a-a-a-am!