Proportional Representation

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Sound The Battle Cry

With 41 democracies on the planet, all but the US & Canada use this system, which is a percentage of the lesser votes for parties or candidates are represented in the makeup of the elected government (with a threshold for how low it goes). In the US & Canada, it’s winner take all – anything over 50%. So the actual will of the people isn’t considered.
Winner takes it all
That’s our system now
But it really sucks
When we vote
US & Canada
Are the holdouts here
Everywhere else
You will win a vote
We need pro-por-tional
Gives the smaller
sectors still a share
Fifty percent
Shouldn’t take the
Whole thing
What about
the other votes in there?
2) On our planet
39 are countries
Where the voter
Is the voice that wins
Only 2 ignore the
People’s choice
US – Canada
A real sin!
3) If democracy
Is the best of all
Then we need to
Give all voter’s voice
They win less amounts
In election counts
But they know it is
The fairest choice.