Reluctant Talk About Torture

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Oklahoma Hills

1) Well the nations got togetherAnd they wrote and signed a plan
No nation could use torture anymore
You and I all say ‘amen,’
Torture’s not for any man
No information’s worth that kind of horror
They wrote it down in the Geneva Convention
Torture is an outlawed weapon
No one can be involved and not get hurt
Even using words like ‘barbaric’ and ‘stone age’
Don’t come close to expressing our outrage
Like poison and the plague, our world says no
2)We must stand on guard against torture
Everyone knows what its been there for
Whatever has been learned must be destroyed
The most heinous crime looks better than it
And of course we know how long they’ve banned it
This torture talk is making us most annoyed.