Lyrics by: Candice Davies
Gaggle: Triangle (North Carolina)
Tune: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Date Written or Updated: 03/29/2021

Georgia peaches, rotted through, SB 202

This bill don’t give a damn ‘bout you, SB 202

With a “No vote” here

And a “Screw you” there

You ain’t white 

Ya don’t need rights

Only for us monied types….

Georgia weeps, it’s black & blue, From SB 202

Now, Jim Crow’s got a suit and tie, With SB 202

Justified by the BIG LIE. That’s SB 202

Kemp and Raffens scream

For their racist dream

“Kill the absentee votes!

Make their sites remote!

If you knock, it’s jail!

Registrations fail!

We can use our powers.

Make ‘em wait for HOURS….

Inhumane new rules, blocking water and food”

That’s SB 202

Well, we ain’t having it, no damn way! SCREW SB 202!

We’re mobilizing, heading your way! SHOO SB 202

Got the Grannies wrath,

Stacy Abrams’ brass

Folks like Barber and Lewis

Show us we can all do this

Organize, stand firm

‘Gainst  the racist worms

Turn back their attacks

Bend the good arc back….

Make our Founders proud, Fight as long and loud 

(talk ) as it takes to kill….. Georgia’s S B 2 0 2.