Sell ‘Em ALL (Privatizing)

Lyrics by: Eleanor Chithalen, Hamilton Grans
Gaggle: Unknown
Tune: Bless ‘Em All

(The sentiments in this song are sarcastic) Brackets indicate where other names and terms may go]
Sell ’em all! Sell ’em all!
Sell the lakes and the parks and the falls
Sell our utilities and all our schools
Sell all the hospitals
Those are the rules
Will the prisons be all privatized?
While the cost of all services rise?
Teachers and students and all thinking people say
‘Hey [Mikey], privatize THIS!’ (suitable hand gesture here)
v2) Vote ’em out! Vote ’em out!
Before all our rights are in doubt
We love a [province] that cares for all citizens
If you do too – vote ’em out!