Single Payer Teachers

Lyrics by: Mary Sanderson
Gaggle: Unknown
Tune: Nothing Like A Dame

We’ve got single payer teachers
We’ve got single payer cops
We’ve got single payer heroes
who fight fires without stop
We’ve got fancy cars and houses
and wealth without compare
What ain’t we got?
Single Payer Care!

Canadians get good health care
the British get it too
the French, the Dutch the Germans
just to name a few
But we get health for profit
and there’s an awful smell
What don’t we get?
We don’t get well!

insurance companies and pharmaceuticals govern our policies
totally oblivious to our own health care . . .realities

There is nothing like health care!
Nothing in the world!
All we need is Single Payer
to have re-eally good health care
to have re-eally good health care