Song for Trayvon Martin

Trayvon went to the corner store

To buy some skittles and tea

He wore the black skin that he was born with

Big mistake, as we would soon see


Now everyone knows who we should fear

And who we should trust when outside

Walking while black will put you in danger

As with Trayvon, one dark rainy night


Stand Your Ground is a Florida law

It says there’s no need to retreat

When away from home, if we fear a stranger

That we meet while out in the street


Did Trayvon try to stand his ground

Against the man with the gun?

It seems the law’s not made for black folks

Trayvon’s shot dead, when all’s said and done


People, people, what does it mean?

Open season on those with dark skin?

Black kids have the right to grow to adulthood

Let’s stop shooting, let’s nurture them

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