Song of the Great Climate March

Lyrics by: From Raging Grannies Songbook 1993
Gaggle: Various
Tune: Sweet Betsy from Pike

CHORUS:The Grannies are swarming with warnings of warming.
It’s time we’re reforming our country’s great shame.
So we’ll keep performing our global informing
‘Til they stop deforming the earth in our name.

The Grannies are raging in (NAME YOUR TOWN) today,
To sing for the Earth in our Granny-like way….
With humor and hats and with voices raised high,
We sing for the planet, the seas, and the sky.


We sing for our children and grandchildren, too,
And our voices ring out clear and strong with the news
That capitalism is fouling our land,
So we must change the system — that’s the Grannies’ demand.