Song on Gun Reform

Lyrics by: Joyce Riddell
Gaggle: Central Florida Raging Grannies
Tune: Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
Date Written or Updated: 04/06/2021

We’re here to sing a song about gun reform, gun reform, gun reform,
We’re here to sing a song about gun reform,
Til weak laws come tumbling down.

Our position is clear on registrations.
It’s a popular position polls say,
Even got support by members of
The good old NRA!

Banning weapons works and you know it!
Mass shooting numbers went down,
Went up when they lapsed, but you turned your backs
And the bodies lay on the ground.

Don’t need assault type weapons
Designed to kill in mass.
To protect those near or hunt a deer,
The vote to ban must pass!

Now listen to our children,
They said it loud and clear,
Support our cry so people won’t die
Or we’ll vote you out of here!!!!