Stealing Public Education

Lyrics by: Joyce Riddel and Dorothy Cresswell
Gaggle: Central Florida Raging Grannies
Tune: Glory Halleluia
Date Written or Updated: 3/22/23

Title: Stealing Public Education
Tune: Glory Glory Halleluia (lyrics written by Joyce Riddel and Dorothy Cresswell)

We’re horrified we’re losing hard-won freedoms in our land
For an equal education and the right to understand.
The importance of our history, the struggles yes with race,
The inequities, injustices, that brought us to this place.

It truly is appalling how you’re crossing every line
Making laws that take the rights that we have fought for over time.
We won’t support your slate of hate, ‘gainst gays and trans and blacks
Yes, we have got their backs!

Holy cow we ought to sue ya, Read the riot act right to ya,
As you take away our books, restrict our speech—-white-collar crooks!
Stealing public education from us all!

Your takeover is hostile, and good students leave the state
‘Cause they want to ask their questions and they want to demonstrate
And they want to grow in wisdom and a chance to debate
And not become a puppet of your hateful all-white state!

From K to 12 and on to college, graduate school and more
Interfering with the teachers who already know much more
Than your puppet new appointments taking over our school boards
Threatening teachers and the parents like they’ve never done before!

Heard about school voucher programs that would go to private schools
Leaving public education even poorer, we’re not fools.
So you’re stealing from the public, giving it where there’s excess
Your policies are rotten and you’re flunking every test!

Ron DeSantis and republicans who think you are so smart
But your minds have lost their compass and it’s sad you’ve lost your heart.
We sing to you today because there is a better way
Let teachers teach, so truth can reach our students every day.