Stop Kavanaugh NOW!

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: North Carolina
Tune: There is a Tavern in the Town
Date Written or Updated: 9092018

NOTE: We sing the melody of the original verses only (not the chorus).
There was a time in days of old [days of old]
When justice mattered, so we’re told [so we’re told]
(But now the) corporations own our Supreme Court
(So say good)bye to women’s freedom to abort.

We won’t be saved by Roe v Wade [Roe v Wade]
Not even if we’re force-a-bully laid [we’re afraid]
(A-nd) you can bet that our health care Safety Nets
Will be stolen from us if they’ve not been yet.

Environmental regs will go away [go away]
And the First Amendment will become passé [Oy vey!]
(And there will) be more guns to threaten our loved ones
Now the Court’s been purchased by the N-R-A.

We used to think that we could just appeal [just appeal]
To a court where we could get a good fair deal [an honest deal]
(But now we’re) fighting for our lives, and if we’re to survive,
(We‘ve got to) stop this nomination — STOP IT NOW!
It’s a gross abomination — STOP IT NOW!
For the future of our nation – STOP IT NOW!