Streets of Caledonia and Baghdad

Lyrics by: Peterborough Grans
Gaggle: Peterborough
Tune: Streets of Laredo

As we read of the stand-off in old CaledoniaOr watched as Baghdad was destroyed on TV
We saw our great leaders play cowboys and Indians
And wondered if this is how things have to be?

2) We’ve unsettled land claims with First Nation’s people
And we are engaged in a Middle East war
We’re told we’re the good guys and they are the bad guys
But nobody tells us what we’re fighting for

3) Maybe it looked good on the streets of Laradeo
To reach for your guns when the going got tough
But we wish our leaders had learned from their grannies
To find a solution without playing rough

4) We’re not fond of [Blair] or Osama Bin Laden
We’re sick of Steve Harper, fed up with [George Bush]
Who’d want to return to the streets of Laredo?
So scrap the war mongers and give peace a push.