Sweet Michelle Jean

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Sweet Caroline *Canadian

Since Steve beganHe’s had a goodbye callin’
We can all see
He’s goin’ wrong
Bad in the spring
Soldiers were dyin’
Who’d have believed you’d
Let him last so long?
Sweet Michelle Jean
We know that you could
Shut down this fool
We believed you always would
But now we
Look at this blight
They call the Tories
They fill us up
With crap, they do
And though we hurt
Hurtin’ runs off our soldiers
We need to know
We call on you
No, saying NO!
Reachin’ out
Whackin’ STEVE
Whackin’ THEM!
Sweet Michelle Jean
Good times still could come along
We’ve been inclined
That’s why this song
Sweet Michelle Jean