The Cloning Song

Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: After The Ball Was over

After Romance Is OverAnd cloning becomes mundane
Nobody will look different
We will all look the same
No one will be imperfect
No geniuses, no nderds
We’ll march to identical drummers
Into our brave new worlds!
3) When the mad doctor clones us
Five hundred at a time
There’ll be no copulation
Match-makers can resign
It will be oh so simple
We’ll be like peas in a pod
All these long years after Hitler
Scientists still play God
4) Any dictator can order
Factory workers or troops
Lawyers or priests or killers
Or batches of nincompoops
You lot down there don’t look like
Promising stuff to clone
They’d do much better to copy
The average garden gnome.