The People or the Pipeline

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: RochesterSoFloNorth Carolina
Tune: Which Side Are You On?

Author; Vicki RyderTune; Which Side Are You On?

The people or the pipeline? Which side are you on?
The people or the profiteers? Which side are you on?
To sacred lands and burial grounds, the native people come,
And we’ll stand in solidarity until their fight is won.

They gather now at Standing Rock, tribes from throughout the land,
To keep their water and their homes from greedy corporate hands.

Dakota Access Pipeline, your profits bring you shame;
You bulldoze and you terrorize, all in money’s name.

You set your dogs upon the people, and they get thrown in jail,
But they’ll stand and fight with all their might until they do prevail.

Water is a sacred trust, without it we’ll all die;
So we can’t allow that pipeline ’neath the North Dakota sky.

Many hundred years ago you forced them from their homes,
Now they’re rising up to say “No More,” this land you cannot own.