The Times They Do Need a Changin’

Lyrics by: Audrey Roberts
Gaggle: Westchester
Tune: The Times They Are A-changin’

So Westchester people we want you to hear,How Entergy’s hiding the facts from all near.
We know this old plant has now had it’s day.
Continuing leaks there will make us all pay.
So why are we waiting? [PAUSE]
Let’s close the plant down!
For the times they do need a changin’!

The fish they are dying, the fault line is near.
Spent fuel pools are full, and are open and bare.
We can’t get away if a problem appears.
There’s too many people, and few roads to share.
The time is a wasting! [PAUSE]
Let’s find a new way!
For the times they do need a changin’!

Now NRC members we want you to hear,
Indian Point has been failing for many a year.
Fukushima’s a signal of what might be in sight.
Please listen, take note, and do what is right! [PAUSE]
The people around here
Are depending on you!
For the times they do need a changin’!


Sung at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) meeting to relicense the Indian Point nuclear facility, one of the oldest nuclear facilities in the United States.