This Plague of Guns – After Parkland

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: North Carolina
Tune: The Water is Wide

Allison, James, and sweet Daniel,Josephine and Avielle,
Ana, Charlotte, Catherine, Grace,
And Dylan, Emelie, and Chase.

Now Chris and Luke, Alyssa, too,
Carmen, Nicholas and Jack,
Alaina, Cara, Jaime, Scott….
All went to school and never came back.

At Sandy Hook and Columbine,
At Parkland and at Chardon High…
The guns come in, ’tho we know not why
And so we grieve as our children die.

[The NRA must take the blame;
They buy off Congress without shame.
So through our grief we cry today:
This plague of guns must stop today!]*

We Grannies all cry out in pain
To see it happen once again.
To save our daughters and our sons…
We’ve got to stop this plague of guns!

*This verse is optional.