Three Hundred Fifty (Climate Song)

Lyrics by: Michaele K.
Gaggle: Wolfville
Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider

THREE hundred FIFty, What is that about?It’s all about the Climate Now loudly we must shout
Three-FIFty parts per million, and not a jigger more
‘Cause our Planet just can’t take it – that’s what we’re shouting for!

OFF to Copenhagen our leaders they are bound
If WE don’t raise a ruckus they’ll waste this precious round.
We really have to push them, we have to take a stand
So THEY will make an effort, and come up with a plan.

They love to have their photo ops, they love to make a show
Pretend to limit gases, but really let them grow
Protecting corporations – what a dirty deal!
Let’s tell them now what WE expect Let’s show them how we feel!

Canada’s disgraceful we’re not do-ing our share
To cut back on pollution, to save our Planet fair
We HAVE to take some action our ‘footprint’ to reduce
Come ON all worldly Leaders – don’t be so obtuse!

So ALL o-ver the country, and all o-ver the World
On twenty-fourth October, the challenge is unfurled
With lots of bright ideas and activities so clever
If we DON’T face climate issues now, we fear it will be NEVER!

To see what’s going on, go to three-fifty-dot-org
From children to old Grannies, everyone’s on board
Sign on to our Petition, push POLiticians, all
They HAVE to take some action – Don’t LET them drop the ball!