To Save the Earth

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Triangle (North Carolina)
Tune: Billy Boy
Date Written or Updated: 07.31.2021

Well, the climate is a-changin’
And the Earth is gettin’ hot,
We’ve got drought and wild fires, and even more;
We’ve got climate refugees,
And the rising of the seas,
But the worst threat of all is: we’ve got war.

The military’s planted landmines
Where the flowers used to grow;
They’ve sprayed napalm, agent orange, poison gasses.
And their greatest contributions
To the Earth’s toxic pollution
Are the chemical weapons from their wars.

Well, they say it’s up to us
To change our lightbulbs, don’t eat meat,
And not buy toilet paper anymore.
But we’re not the ones to blame
For their greed or lack of shame
Or all the death and destruction from their wars. 

They spend trillions on the weapons
That destroy our Mother Earth;
While those war profiteers just keep on makin’ more,
They keep usin’ fossil fuels
And they take us all for fools
But we know that our worst threat comes from war.

And the ones who know it best
Are the ones who’ve been to war,
So we’re rising with one voice to say NO MORE!
For it’s plain for all to see
That there is no Planet B.
To save the Earth, we have got to end all war.