Trudeau’s Pipeline

Lyrics by: adapted from the Ottawa Raging Grannies “Kinder Morgan” by Margaret Godbeer
Gaggle: Ottawa Raging Grannies, Montreal Raging Grannies
Tune: Oh My Darling Clementine
Date Written or Updated: 2018

Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Trudeau
Now the bad news just got worse
You have bought yourself a pipeline
That is bound one day to burst

Dip your pen in dirty tar sands
And just sign the earth away,
Or cut the carbon, save the planet
There is just no other way.

There’ll be protests on the coastline
And in cities every week
Cause that pipeline adds pollution
And those pipelines always leak


Mr. Trudeau, what has happened
To the promises you made?
You’ve forgotten, nature’s sacred,
For our tax dollars, an awful trade