Twelve Steps Song

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Dwelling In Beulah Land

1) I admit I can’t controlThe life I have been living
But a Higher Power exists
To take my life in hand.
Admitting I am helpless here,
I look for strength to go on.
As the universe unfolds,
I learn to stand.
CHORUS I’ve living every day now
As though it was my first one
I’m listening to the others
Who share this life with me
And I am making my amends now
To those I have been hurting
Finding hope, finding peace, today.
2) Day by day I walk the path
That’s given me to travel
But no longer fast asleep
My eyes are open wide
With my Higher Power’s help
And quiet meditation
Fear and worry can no longer, overcome.
3) All the ones who’ve walked before me,
whisper to my spirit.
Though alone, I feel them near
supporting on the way.
I have a right to be here
like the trees and stars around me
In this complicated world
I find my home.