Under Our Skin

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman and Corinne Willinger
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: I’ve Got You Under My Skin

PCBs, you’re under our skin,Nuclear waste, you’re deep in the hearts of us
So deep in our hearts, you’re really a part of us
We’ve got you, under our skin

Pesticides, you’re in there too,
Genetically engineered food, what do we do with you?
Smog, dioxin, and diesel emissions too
We’ve got you, inside our lungs [cough]

(BREAK — uses the other melody)

Don’t you know, my friends, we must stop this trend;
Our world is polluted, It can’t be disputed;
And we must spread the word, and we can’t be deterred by polluters,
Who must be defeated; And we’ll get them out of our skin