Vets at Walter Reed

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Playmate

The original was revised [post-Bush] by Sunny Armer.
Where is the healthcare

For vets at Walter Reed

Congress, support the troops!

Don’t make them jump through hoops

To get the benefits

That they so sorely need

Don’t put them on the street

And shut the door.


Some War on Terror vets

May have PTSD

Severe brain injuries

And some are amputees

Don’t send them to Iraq

Or to Afghanistan

Keep them all safe at home

Away from war


They’re facing homelessness

Divorce and suicide

Mis’ry is all around

That’s what our vets have found

Let’s tell Obama

To stop this deadly game

It’s time we all stand up

To shout NO MORE