Lyrics by: Linda Slavin
Gaggle: Peterborough
Tune: Inchworm

This is the most nonviolent tune I have ever heard. We sing it with men. When it comes to ‘Women’s stories,’ we split off. They sing ‘Men’s stories,’ at the same time, then go on to say, ‘men’ while we say, ‘women,’ and at the end it’s ‘change by all.’ Because just as men need to be called to account for their attitudes towards violence, in the opposite way, so do women – stronger & braver for starters. (Rose DeShaw)
Violence, violence

Eats away at all of us

Violence has faces, scary spaces, Accomplices

Violence, violence

Movies, tv, books & jokes

Misogyny a regular host

Fear the most, innocence lost

Violence, violence needs women’s stories,

Women strong

Women’s voices, women’s songs

And CHANGE by all!

Peterborough Gaggle