War’s Not the Way

Lyrics by: NYC Metro, original lyrics by Vicki Ryder, Rochester
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Anchors Aweigh
Date Written or Updated: 2009

War’s not the way, my boys,War’s not the way,
The jobs, the travel and the pay,
Are lures to put you in harm’s way so

They can use you in their game, Give you a gun,
Then send you overseas
To maim or kill some other mother’s son.
War’s not the way, my girls,

War’s not the way,
Kill or be killed you’re told,
And when you get back home you’ll pay with
Nightmares of buddies lost. What is it for?

Then they’ll cut your benefits
To fund another useless bloody war.
War’s not the way, my friends,
War’s not the way,

We who support our troops,
Are hoping they come home today so
We can begin to work,
For schools and jobs and more.

Work for change begins at home
So first we have to stop these bloody wars!