Water is Life

Lyrics by: Catherine Verrall Regina, Sask grans
Gaggle: Regina
Tune: Dear Harp Of My Country or The Ash Grove

This song is especially for areas where rain has been scarce. The rivers may be on the surface or below ground.
CHORUS The rivers are flowing
And all of us knowing
The rivers give water
And water is life

But scarce is the rainfall
To replenish the rivers
Cause climate upheaval
Distort’s Nature’s plan

The creeks are cracking dry now
Young trees are standing dead now
Reservoirs soon may be empty
But water is life

So turn off the tap now
Save used water for the toilet
A rainbarrel for the garden
Each drop is a gem

Keep toxins out of sewers
That drain right into rivers
Protect trees and wetlands
That conserve the rain