We’re Rising Up Against Guns

Lyrics by: Granny Jeanette
Gaggle: Davis, California
Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic
Date Written or Updated: 2018

We’re the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand,
To stop the slaughter of our children all across this land,
We ask for more than prayers and tears, it’s laws that we demand.
We’re rising up today!

Chorus: No more shootings, no more hating.
Families rise, we’re tired of waiting,
Hoping our politicos will finally do what’s right
#ENOUGH, it’s time to fight!

We need to settle arguments with words, not grab a gun.
We need to offer mental health-care now for everyone.
Lawmakers need to work for us – their greed must be undone.
We’re rising up today.

Repeat Chorus

Money from the N-R-A is tainted with our tears.
Spineless politicians line their pockets, that’s our fear.
Guns or children, make the choice…the answer’s very clear.
We’re rising up today!

Repeat Chorus

Regulating guns does not mean taking them away…
It’s eas-ier now to buy a gun than drive on the freeway.
Background checks at gun shows should begin without delay.
We’re rising up today!

Repeat Chorus

I’d like to know why people need to own A-R-fif-teen’s?
Assault rifles have no good use, they’re just killing machines!
Let’s set some limits, use good sense, for that we’re very keen.
We’re rising up today!

Repeat Chorus – sing last line slowly with emphasis