We’re Rising Up (REVISED)

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: North Carolina
Tune: Solidarity Forever

We’re the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand,
To break the chain of our abuse across this mighty land.
We proclaim our dignity, and justice our demand…
We’re Rising Up today!

Chorus:   No more rape and no more beatings.
Women rise! We’re tired of pleading.
We’re rising up to tell you that our bodies are our own;
We’re Rising Up today!

We rise in [name your town] today to say it’s a disgrace
That women’s rights might simply disappear without a trace.
We dance and sing and shout out loud to save the human race!
We’re Rising Up today!

Repeat Chorus

What makes you men think you can take your liberties with us?
We’re mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters, kickin’ up a fuss.
Your violations end today, there’s no more to discuss!
We’re Rising Up today!

Repeat Chorus

We dance today for justice, and it’s not just for the sport.
We own our bodies; we’ll protect the rights for which we fought…
The right to step out unafraid; the freedom to abort.
We’re Rising Up today!

Repeat Chorus