We’ve Always Paid our Taxes 2012

Lyrics by: Jan Harwood, Vicki Ryder and Evie Shobin
Gaggle: Santa CruzSoFloRochester
Tune: Yellow Rose of Texas

We’ve always paid our taxes,
We’ve paid them right on time.

We never, ever cheated;

We coughed up every dime.

But we’re sick of always paying for these

Endless, bloody wars

Especially when the payment comes

From the pockets of the poor.

We don’t mind paying taxes

When they pay for things we need

Like schools and jobs and health care

And other worthy deeds.

But when we know our dollars go

To bailouts, bombs and guns

We’ll tell you true, it makes us blue

To see what they have done.

Those greedy corporations

Find loopholes by the score;

They hardly pay a single dime,

While we pay more and more.

Republicans say, “That’s okay,

‘Cause biz’ness needs a break,

So let them be, they ride for free.”

Now don’t that take the cake?

When Uncle Sam gets our tax dollars

We hope that he will heed

These Grannies when we say that they should

Pay for things we need.

We don’t need war and killing,

Or drilling off our shores.

Oh, my! Good grief! We’d get relief

If we stopped these God-damned wars!