What’s COVID-19?

Lyrics by: Granny Gail Sredanovic
Gaggle: Raging Grannies Action League
Tune: Frère Jacques
Date Written or Updated: 03/01/20


What is that, what is that?

Invisible virus, Invisible virus

That has spread, that has spread


Take precautions, take precautions

Extra care, Extra Care

Let’s try not to spread it, Let’s try not to spread it

Wash your hands, Wash your hands


No racism, no racism

In our town, in our town

Don’t go by ethnicity, Don’t go by ethnicity

Just calm down, just calm down


Why is Mike Pence, Why is Mike Pence

Put in charge, put in charge

His lack of credentials, His lack of credentials

Is so large, is so large


Stop the cu-uts, stop the cu-uts

To healthcare, to healthcare

Epidemics happen, Epidemics happen

Be prepared, be prepared