When Will Occupy Go Home?

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: A Couple of Swells

Wall street bankers are theyWith all of the clout and say
They tell us what to do and everything simply goes their way
They’re Congress’s favorite lads
That connection is ironclad
Their governmental grafting is absurd and it makes us mad.
The Vanderbilt’s don’t ask US up for tea
Why they’re ignoring us we just can’t see – no siree

We would drive up and ask them but we haven’t got the gas
We would sail but we’re boatless so we guess we’ll have to pass
We would ride on a bicycle but we haven’t got a bike
So we’ll keep occupying
O we’ll keep occupying
Till the whole one percent knows what we like!

We don’t think occupying is so swell
But these old financial handshakes really smell – what a SMELL!
We’ll go home when we see the bankers spread around their dough
We’ll go home when the taxman calls them up to say, ‘hello.’
We’ll go home when we’ve made things clear, the people finally know
Till then, keep occupying
O we’ll keep occupying
Yes, we’ll keep occupying till they know!