Why Such a Big Bill?

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Mockingbird Hill

When a bill is one hundred pages or moreYou have a funny feeling that what it is for
Is to keep you from reading the contents of it
Because if you knew them, you might throw a fit
Tra la la , tweedle dee dee
It gives us a chill
When a bill is so packed full it threatens to spill
Its contents all over those least fit to cope
And she who protests it is labeled a dope

2) When Canada’s crime stats are growing quite low
And a bill comes along that says this isn’t so
Then we’re full of suspicion, it’s throwing us back
To where the U.S. has abandoned that track
Tra la la, tweedle dee dee
We know more about crime
Than we did in the days of our grandparent’s time
We can help some and keep some
from offending again
Not just dump them all into one big prison den

3) So let’s take some out and study this thing
Which is why we’ve come out here to talk and to sing
We’re wary of bills that are switfly passed through
Without contributiions from me and from you
Tra la la, tweedle dee dee
Let’s look at expense
This will cost our province
It doesn’t make sense
Let’s tell Stephen Harper
C-10 is a NO!
And have an election where Tories will Go!
Rose DeShaw